Little Penguin Polaris – Quilt Pattern

Little Penguin Polaris - Paper Piecing Pattern

Little Penguin Polaris quilt pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy

I have a gimpy and chubby kitty cat called Charlie, whose photo occasionally surfaces here.  He would like nothing more than for people to take him seriously.  Except it has never worked since he was a baby.  He just gets picked up and cuddled, and he just sits on your lap with all of his claws tucked in.

When I was going to make a little winter-themed block for a friend, I knew I had to make a chubby little disgruntled penguin in a scarf and a hat.  So if Charlie were a penguin instead of a cat, this is what he would look like where all the other grown up penguins are just not taking him seriously enough!

I have made 3″ and 5″ blocks with this paper piecing pattern.  I am listing a 10″ version of the little penguin quilt pattern, so you can resize it to any size you wish to make.

Wishing you a wonderful crafty weekend!

Star Of David – Quilt Pattern

Star Of David - Free Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern

Star Of David quilt pattern is available on Craftsy and on Patterns page

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  I am spending most of today baking at home and spending a nice quiet time with my dear husband and my furry children.  A cake just came out of the oven and I have dough in the making for three loaves of bread.

Before I announce the winner, I want thank every one of you for spending precious time out of your day to read my posts.  Since I only have one prize to give away, I thought I’d share a free Star of David quilt pattern with the rest of you.  One of my friends in the swap group requested a Chanukah-themed block.  I love learning about new cultures, so I jumped at the chance.

This is a very simple block to make.  There is an option of not making the candle in the middle, so you can applique or embroider any other design you would like to use.  My original pattern was for a 3″ block, but I enlarged it to a 5″ pattern for sharing.  You can download this free pattern either from the patterns page or from my Craftsy page.



Congratulations, Gina! You are the winner of the blog hop prize.  I will send you the Winter Meadow pattern and the three Christmas-themed fat quarters.

The Winter Meadow is available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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Autumn Harvest Quilt Pattern for Glorious Autumn Block Party


15 Weeks –  45 Designers – 45 blocks –  What a brilliant way to celebrate Autumn!  Michele at Quilting Gallery has been hosting this block party since September the 4th, 2012!  If you haven’t visited the page for Glorious Autumn Block Party already, please do so.  Not only are there some great free patterns for you to download, there’s also Quilter’s Super Deal of the Day for you to enjoy!    Don’t forget to upload any blocks you make from this awesome block party to this Flickr group.

Michele also has a little designer profile about me so you get to know me a little better.

Please make sure to drop by and say Hi to the two other very talented designers I am sharing this week with –

Tuesday, 11/13/2012
Melissa from Sew BitterSweet Designs

Thursday, 11/15/2012
Mickey … It’s a Fiber Life

I made a paper piecing Autumn quilt pattern for this block party!

Autumn Harvest - Free Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern

You can download Autumn Harvest quilt patterns from Craftsy and Etsy.

Even though winter is my favorite season, fall is my favorite time to travel.   Temperatures cool down, summer crowds thin out, and the days are still long enough for hiking and photography.  As we travel northward from Southern California, we see the hills transform into various shades of light yellow.

Other than the beautiful fall colors, I associate autumn most with Harvest.  The fields have given all they had for the year and now they wait for the next year’s sowing.

I drew my inspiration for this fall quilt pattern from those hills and the fields.  This would be an ideal autumnal view through the window for me! Of course, the picture won’t be complete without some food made from the harvest.  So I added an apple pie and a slice of pumpkin pie on the windowsill.

You will find all the instructions to make this block in the pattern.

Apple - Pear Pie

Speaking of food, I also wanted to share this pie recipe with you.  It’s a modified apple pie recipe.  I bought some apples and pears and we left for vacation shortly thereafter.  In the meantime they became too ripe for my husband to eat and I am extremely allergic to both of the fruits, uncooked.  So I figured why not add the pears with the apples in a pie and see what happens!  Well, it turned into a delicious pie!

1/2 cup sugar (You can increase it to 2/3 cup if you like a sweeter pie)
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground clove
1/8 tsp salt
1 tbsp lemon juice
4 apples and 4 pears

I believe I had Pink Lady apples and D’Anjou pears.  After peeling both fruits, I sliced them.  Since pears are softer than apples, I sliced them a little thicker than the apples.  I mixed everything together in a bowl.  One time I tried making the mix earlier and the fruits shed too much juice, so now I make the mixture before it goes into the pie dish.

I used store-bought Pillsbury pastry.  I make pastry at home now and then, but sometimes I just use store-bought ones when I am short of time.

I lined the dish with one pastry, then arranged the fruit mixture in a somewhat circular pattern, covering it with the other pastry.  Then I use a fork to crimp the sides and cut slits on the top with a knife.  I sprinkled some sugar on top, I love the sparkle this adds.  I also covered the sides with aluminum foil at the very beginning so the sides wouldn’t burn.

In the oven it went at 425F for about 20 minutes.  Then I turned the temperature down to 375F and cooked it for another 45-55 minutes (until the apples bubbled).  Then I removed it and let it cool on a wire rack.  My husband likes his with whipped cream.  I like to to eat mine with vanilla ice-cream on Fridays (special Friday treat) or just a drizzle of heavy cream.


I also wanted to share a little prize with you.  It’s a combination of three Christmas-themed fat quarters and a paper piecing pattern called Winter Meadow from my shop.  Winter Meadow is a 10″ pattern which goes very well with the Autumn Harvest pattern from this block party.

I would love for you subscribe to my blog or Facebook page –  you will be included in the drawing if you do.  If you are already subscribed, please leave a comment here and you will be included as well.  The giveaway will stay open until next Thursday, 22nd of November.

I hope you enjoyed your stay and I hope to see you again in the future!
Happy Sewing,

Sew Productive

Fall Little Pouch

If you read my blog, most of the time you will find me working on paper piecing blocks.  When I started sewing earlier this year, I started with paper piecing and I am most comfortable with that method.  However,  my friend Marjon, who I met through Flickr, makes beautiful pouches and she encouraged me to make a couple.  I have to say, once I got over my initial fear and figured out how a zipper foot works, rest was actually pretty easy!

I had this fat quarter fall fabric for a while and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it.   I am very happy that I waited and made a little bag with it.   I was working at night, and I cut one of the fabrics a bit smaller by mistake.  So instead of cutting another piece, I cut two strips of the lining fabric and added it to the top and bottom.  I love the way it turned out.

Winter Bag

I found this fabric at JoAnn and I had to get it because I LOVE winter that much!!   I found a black fabric with snowflake print on it which I got for the lining.  This is the very first little practice pouch I made.  Now I have a bag for my drawing pens.

This is turning into an addiction.  I picked up some more lovely fabric and zippers to make more!

I also worked on some quilting blocks.  This is going to be my very first quilt done by traditional method.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

I used a pattern called Take 5 from The Teacher’s Pet.  The pattern is for a twin size quilt; I doubled the number of blocks to make it into a full size one.  I ran into a little problem with fabric shortage.   The lady who helped me at the store calculated the number of extra blocks I had to add to make it a full size quilt correctly, but cut the wrong amount of fabric.  Every quilt shop was out of it but I finally found the fabric at  I really wanted the brown fabric which my local quilt shop didn’t have at the moment, but the online store did!  So I got that one as one of the five fabrics for this quilt.  They shipped the fabric super quickly AND refunded the extra shipping.  Since the time I bought the fabric for this quilt, I have downloaded the Robert Kaufman Quiltcalc app which is so handy!

I was really surprised by the fact how quickly I was able to finish making 40 blocks compared to paper piecing, which takes so much time.  I also LOVE my 1/4″ foot.  Don’t know what I would do without it!


Couple of weeks ago, I shared some of my fabric that I used to make the Cupcakery block with a visitor of my blog-post and she was kind enough to buy patterns from my store.  I don’t check my snail mail too often and today I found a squishy package in my mailbox.  Inside the package was this delightful collection of fabric with a beautiful note from her!  I am not a person who cries easily, but this kind gesture really touched me!  I have to think of something really special to make with this gift from her.


Lastly…my day of Quilting Gallery’s Glorious Autumn Block Party is finally here!  It’s this Wednesday!  Here’s a sneak peek for you.  I will have this block for you to download and a prize pack for you to win.  See you Wednesday!!


Winter Meadow – Paper Piecing Quilt Pattern

Winter Meadow Paper Piecing - 10 inch

Pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy

I love the Sierra Mountains in California, specially the High Sierra with its exposed granite, lakes and abundant waterfalls.  Winter is my most favorite time to visit the mountains.  So when I saw the theme for my Bitty Block swap for November is Winter/Christmas, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I also wanted to make a 10″ block with the same design, and I was happy to see that the scaling for this paper piecing pattern worked really well.  To add a little more interest, I added a scrappy look to the trees.  Looks like kitties have a new blanket in the making with a theme of “Landscapes In Four Seasons.”

Winter Meadow Paper Piecing 3"


Here is a picture of my 3″ block for the swap group.  As you can see the pattern scales nicely!  Now off to make 11 more of these!