Twilight Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies
I drew this star quilt pattern some time last year. I remember making this block shortly after designing it, but then it got lost among the ever-growing list of projects. Last weekend, it resurfaced and moved up to the top of the list of quilts I want to make this year.

The idea for this star pattern came to me shortly after our Norway vacation. One of my long-time dreams was to go to Svalbard, Norway, and that happened in 2012.

Esmark Glacier, Svalbard, Norway | Whims And Fancies Esmark Glacier, Svalbard, Norway

We went to see the the Esmark glacier from there. The sharp edges of the ice formation and the colours of the glacier were the inspiration for this star. I imagine the aqua pieces in the block are breaking off and moving away from the middle. I made this one after I made the much simpler Morning Star. This star is a little more complicated, a little more adventurous, so I called it The Twilight Star.

Star Quilt Layout | Whims And Fancies

After I made that one block, I started thinking about making a quilt. I wanted to make a Nordic-style quilt, keeping the cool ice-colour palette from my original block. I used part of the original design from the star quilt block and drew a smaller border design. I also started varying the colours a little and this was the resulting layout:

Twilight Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

I then expanded the quilt layout to make a larger quilt. I think I was having too much fun with the colours to stop at the small layout and was looking for an excuse to keep playing.

The pattern is now on my Etsy and Craftsy shop and includes the star and the border patterns along with colouring sheets for both patterns. The star quilt block is 10 inch x 10 inch and the border block is 10 inch x 4 inch.

Although I will be making mine by directly sewing on the paper, freezer paper piecing would work really well with one as well. It’s quite easy to sew triangles and rectangular pieces. I have almost all of the fabric I need to get started with this one.

Happy Quilting,

Castles Quilt Pattern

A couple of years ago, Ruth invited me to a wonky house swap on Flickr.  I was at a loss what to make because Ruth, Sil and Sandy are expert wonky house designers.  After a short while of thinking over many ideas, I decided to make 12 castles.  I have loved castles since I was a little child, reading about the brave men and women defending the stronghold.  I have quite often arranged our travel plans around cities with castles in them.  So it was an easy choice for me and my swap-mates loved the idea.  Along with the 4″ blocks that I made for them, I also made these 10″ blocks.

Castle Quilt Pattern

I found these three fabrics of different colours with foliage prints on them. I used the same white for the sashing and the binding, and other two for the two borders.  I was reading a short story at the time which may have influenced my choice of putting foliage around the castles.

I quilted the main part with a yellow variegated thread and the outer border with a teal variegated thread.  I didn’t want to add extra colour to the inner border, so I used a white thread for that one.

Castles Quilt Pattern

back of the quilt

Last weekend we drove up Napa Valley to the Culinary Institute Of America.  The college is in a magnificent stone building surrounded by lichen and moss-covered stone walls.  I knew I had to take my castle quilt there for a photo since the day I first clapped eyes on it.

Patterns On Etsy and Craftsy

Once we found a quiet spot my poor husband crouched down behind the quilt while holding it up for me.  I took at least 10-12 shots with a manual focus lens (a lengthy process) before I decided I didn’t like any of them.  So he found a way to anchor the quilt on the wall.  Although I said I didn’t like the photo, I decided to show the photo anyway!

Pink Magnolia

The campus of the Culinary Institue of America has many magnolia trees and all of them were in full bloom.  We walked around the campus for a little while, admiring these gorgeous flowers before driving to Calistoga, the neighbouring city nearby, for some pastry and coffee.  It was a perfect day!


Raw Honey Mitt

Although I have a large finish to show, I couldn’t take it outside to take photos.  It has been raining very hard here, a much-needed respite for our drought-stricken California.  I was going to clean house over the weekend, but that would have been such a waste of the perfectly wonderful rainy days.  So I spent the time working on these knitting and quilting projects instead, while watching the rain pouring outside.  A lot more fun that way.  I started knitting a pair of fingerless mitts.  I was going to work on another pair with green yarn, but I love yellow too much.  Yellow always makes me think of wildflowers.

Knitting Stars Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

I made four vintage-style blocks a few months ago that were inspired by knitting patterns.  Now they form parts of this mini that I am making for my furry little ones.   The only thing I have left to do is hand sew the binding.

Oatmeal Pullover WIP

Since I had to go out for a little bit,  I stopped by the store and got more of the same yellow yarn I am using for the mitts and also started working on a pullover.  The circular needle that I have is too long for the number of stitches I have left after separating the sleeves.  I ordered the correct size already, but couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  I am using DPNs to knit the body until the circular needle gets here.

Piano and Guitar Music Instruments Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

I don’t have a finish to show this week, but I got an email from Leatina with these beautiful finishes made from the guitar and piano quilt patterns.  These are wedding presents for her cousin and his wife who are both musicians.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!!!


Fools In Love - Pride And Prejudice Embroidery | Whims And Fancies

I am clueless when it comes to love affairs. I am very much akin to a Vulcan in those situations.  Imagine my own surprise when I fell in love with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice!  I found myself staying up reading the book until the wee hours of the morning, “I was in the middle before I knew I had begun.”

I was in college when the movie came out in 2005.  I went to see it with a dear friend of mine and instantly fell in love with it.  That was ten years ago and I hadn’t watched the movie since then.  Recently my husband was out of town on a business trip.  While I was home alone working, I decided to run the movie in the background.  Just like before, I was infatuated by the story and found myself repeatedly running the movie or just listening to the enchanting soundtrack.  I was daydreaming about the story like it was my own first love and I kept my obsession a secret.

I was a bit under the weather during his absence.  Watching the movie under my favourite blanket on the sofa was the best way to spend the time while I was waiting for him to come home that Friday night.  He walked in and said “What are you watching? It sounds incredibly comfortable!”  I understood the true feeling of love all over again that day.  Now we obsess over the story together.

I created this little design inspired by Lizzy Bennet and Mr. Darcy for Valentine’s Day this year.  The first page has a 7″ x 7″ embroidery template.  I also included a resized image which can be printed on US letter (8.5″ x 11″) size paper and then folded into a card.

You can download the Pride And Prejudice – Fools In Love embroidery pattern from Craftsy and Etsy.  Sadly, some people have been using my free patterns for monetary gains.  While I want to discourage that, I don’t want to discontinue offering free patterns to my readers.  So offering them free for a limited time is the best compromise I can come up with.  I hope you enjoy the little design and give it to someone special in your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Winter Cottage House quilt pattern

We usually vacation in winter.  Last year, however, with a move over 400 miles and then dealing with a major earthquake, I didn’t have a chance to plan a vacation.  I am not very good at taking impromptu trips, so a long vacation was out of the question.  The mountains here are also very dry this year, not a speck of snow on them.  So we decided to stay home.

Winter Cottage House quilt pattern

Stone Cottage Pattern – Craftsy and Etsy

I love the outdoors and I love camping.  Weather permitting,  we camp most of the time when we visit the parks of California.  One year we went to Kings Canyon National Park and it was already too cold for camping.  We rented a cabin during that stay.  In a nearby building, there was a very large common room with a gigantic fireplace for everyone’s use.   We would go there later at night when most people had already left and have the place to ourselves.

Winter Cottage House quilt pattern

Since I am a little trip-starved this year, I decided to bring some old vacation memories back by drawing this winter scene which was inspired by the our stay at Kings Canyon.   Very soon it became this Winter Cottage quilt pattern.  It’s a 12″ block, and I added a 2.5″ border all around it.  The fabric used for the border was going to be the sky originally, but then I decided to use white to mirror the snow on the ground.  I embroidered black lines on the doors and windows to add a little more definition.  Then I started hand quilting the slanted dashed lines as if it was raining outside, and quilted solid lines on the snow.  It would be wonderfully cosy to sit inside by the fire on a day like this.  I can also envision changing out the snow for a green and flowery meadow, that would be lovely too!!