Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along – Chapter 7

Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along | Whims And Fancies 

Welcome to the Lego Harry Potter Quilt Along.   Many Thanks to those of you who wrote such lovely comments, and to those of you who donated money to my favourite charity.  The break month in March gave me an opportunity to catch up, I hope it was the same for you too.  We are almost reaching the end.  After these two patterns, I have one more to share with you, then we move on to the layout.

The blocks from this month turned out to be about loyalty and protection.  It was not planned that way, I only noticed the common theme after sewing the blocks.




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


I have always felt that there was a lot more to Fawkes’ story than is written in the books.  I quite often wondered how Dumbledore and Fawkes met.  Fawkes protected and cured Harry on multiple occasions.  He even took a killing curse for Dumbledore.  I am not surprised that Dumbledore named the Order Of The Phoenix after his companion.  It was only fitting that after Dumbledore’s passing, Fawkes went back into the wild, never to be seen again.

“ ‘Lo, Fawkes,’ said Harry quietly. He stroked the phoenix’s beautiful scarlet and gold plumage.  Fawkes blinked peacefully up at him. There was something comforting about his warm weight.”  —  Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire, by J.K. Rowling




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Piertotum Locomotor is possibly my favourite spell in the whole story.  That spell, performed during the battle by my favourite teacher, Minerva McGonagal, always sends a shiver down my spine.  I am suddenly filled with an otherwise non-existent courage.

“Hogwarts is threatened!’ shouted Professor McGonagall.  ‘Man the boundaries, protect us, do your duty to our school!” – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J. K. Rowling




Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Download Fawkes

Download Knight – Sword In Right Hand

Download Knight – Sword In Left Hand



Lego Harry Potter Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Note about the knight – You will need to make two knights.  You can make the same block twice with the knight holding the sword in the same hand.  Alternately, you can make one knight with the sword in the right hand and another with the sword in the the left hand.  I did the latter.  I am including both patterns here.


Note – Both of these patterns use three shades of the same colour. I highly recommend writing the shades down on the pattern pieces before you cut them out and start sewing. It takes just a few extra minutes, but you will make a lot less fabric-related mistakes this way.


Reminder – Remember to download these patterns by Friday night. The download link will be removed permanently on Saturday morning (April 29th, 2017).

I draw these pictures freehand and then turn them into patterns, which is a lot of work. Please only use them for personal use and do not distribute or share them anywhere. For more information and for the pattern schedule, please read the introductory post.  

Information on how to obtain the old patterns is also in the introductory post.



Sharing your work

If you are on Facebook, you can join the group Pictures With Paper Piecing and share your blocks there.

You can also share them on this Flickr group.


Lego Harry Potter Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies
Introductory post with information and dates




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Of Flowers And Trees

Stained Glass Flower Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies


Lately it has been wet around here and my plans for planting our now fairly bare garden have been stagnant.  In the meantime, I moved on to working on a little indoor flower project.  This is another one of those long-forgotten quilts.  I designed my favourite flower quilt patterns in the style of stained glass window panels.  As I was drawing the flowers, they took on shapes of mineral crystals.  Since I love geology, the blocks are all named after my favourite minerals – Garnet Primrose, Kyanite Iris, Olivine Tulip and Selenite Clematis.  I made the initial blocks with the Downton Abbey fabrics.



Stained Glass Flower Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies


I didn’t want an usual 4 x 5 block arrangement for this quilt.  I wanted something completely different, a special layout for this one.  Until I had the layout designed, I didn’t know how many blocks I needed to make and progress stalled.  The four blocks went into the cabinet not to see the light of day again for a long time. Now it is finally time to dust off the pieces and start working on the rest of the quilt.

This is the layout I came up with.  I imagined walking through a very big garden made up of smaller, sectional gardens.  Enchanted Garden is what came to mind as the name.  Now that the layout is done, I can start making the rest of the flowers.


Since I always get asked about the pattern links, here they are –

Garnet Primrose on Etsy & CraftsyKyanite Iris on Etsy and Craftsy

Olivine Tulip on Etsy and CraftsySelenite Clematis  on Etsy and Craftsy

They are quite easy to make 12″ blocks.  Many thanks to those of you who purchased the patterns already.


Derwent Pastel Pencils Evening Sky Drawing | Whims And Fancies


I do love nature and my most favourite are the trees.  One evening, I sat down to relax with my sketchbook while running one of my favourite movies in the background.  It was early March, the trees were still very bare and the sky took on beautiful colours at sunset.  Using pastel pencils I was trying to capture those colours peeking through the silhouette of a tree.


Sennelier Oil Pastel And Derwent Pastel Pencils | Whims And Fancies


A few notes about oil pastel and pastel


Although they share the name pastel, oil pastel and pastel are really quite different from each other and cannot be used together.  I used paper stumps to blend the pastel pencils.  I tried to use the stumps to blend the oil pastel, but using my fingers proved more effective.  The heat from my finger warmed up the oil in the oil pastels, which in turn blended the colours a lot better.


I didn’t buy any special paper for the pastel pencils.  They worked great on Strathmore 400 Series 80lb drawing paper.  For the oil pastels, however, I used a thicker paper so the oil from the pastel would not seep through.  I used Canson 150lb smooth surface paper for the oil pastels.  I would like the try the oil pastels on canvas one day.


Pastel sticks create quite a lot of chalk-dust, pencils create a lot less.  That’s why I like the pastel pencils better.  They blend very easily, they smudge easily too.  Oil pastels have mineral oil which never really dries completely, so they would smudge as well.  Therefore, both of them need sealing. I used Grumbacher Matte Finish Final Fixative to seal both of them.  One thin coat was enough for the pastel pencils, but the oil pastels needed three thin coats.  I did take the time to let each coat completely dry before applying the next one.  I suggest you try out the sealant on a small test sample before you apply it to your finished painting.


I couldn’t find much information on this and had to figure a lot of this out by playing.  So, in case you paint, I thought you might find this information helpful.


Van Gogh style Field Of Wildflower Oil Pastel Painting with Sennelier Oil Pastel | Whims And Fancies


I painted this Field Of Wild Flowers with oil pastels in the style of Van Gogh.  As you can see, they behave quite differently than pastel pencils.  I wrote about his painting a couple of weeks ago in The Master And The Apprentice.



Copic Marker Landscape Painting | Whims And Fancies


One Friday, it was raining outside and I was feeling like doodling after work, but without taking out a whole pile of painting paraphernalia.  So I pulled out my box full of markers.  I have never used markers for landscape painting before, so this was a first for me.  Markers can get quite expensive and they can’t be mixed together to create new colours. Since I don’t have an unlimited supply, I lined up the shades I had at home and doodled away at this picture of trees in the morning at the local park while listening to the patter of rain.


Spring Vetch Flower | Whims And Fancies

I leave you with a photo of a tiny little Spring Vetch adding its splash of colour to the countryside around here.

Hope you find some inspiration in flowers and trees this week as well!


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A Little More Greekness

Greek Letters Quil Pattern | Whims And Fancies 

Last week I mentioned making a couple of pillows out of these extra alpha and beta blocks, I got to work on them shortly thereafter.  I wanted to make 16″ pillows and my Greek letter blocks are 5″ x 10″.   I was looking for a very simple look for these pillows without any additional colour.  So I added more of the same background fabric and turned them into 17.5″ squares.


Greek Alphabet Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Then came the harder part, deciding how to quilt it.  Since the quilt itself has horizontal line quilting, I wanted to continue that theme of straight line quilting but with a little twist.  After a bit of playing around I settled on this L-shaped quilting.


Greek Letters Quilt Pattern Quilted Pillow | Whims And Fancies


I didn’t want to quilt the beta pillow exactly the same as the alpha pillow.  So I kept the L-shaped quilting from the alpha pillow and inverted the design.

After trimming the quilted pillow-tops to 17″ squares and sewing the backs, I had my pillow cases. That’s my April’s one monthly goal already finished. 

I will be linking up with One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts at the end of the month.

Spring Time Fabric Stash | Whims And Fancies


I only had one 16″ pillow-form at home, so a run to the store was in order.  I have been sewing from my fabric stash lately.  Last time I purchased fabric was in July of last year.  I had fun choosing some new fabrics for paper piecing.


Tim Holz Fabric Stash | Whims And Fancies


I found these two novelty prints by Tim Holtz, I have special plans for them.  I also picked up zippers for bags and replenished my thread supply.  All in all, not a bad haul.  Oh yes, I picked up a 16″ pillow-form as well.


Greek Letters Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

The pattern set on Craftsy and Etsy

Individual patterns on Craftsy


Here it is!  My To Hellenikon or Greekness quilt and the two pillows.  After finishing the first two letters of the quilt, I changed the quilt layout which required me to order more fabric.  In the meantime however, the dye lot of the fabric had changed.  The khaki background fabric mismatch resulted in the extra alpha and beta blocks, but I am calling it serendipity.  I would not have the pillows otherwise.



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A Flower For Jane Austen

A Flower For Jane Austen - Pride And Prejudice Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


During March and April, California is usually ablaze with wild flowers.  Even the desert comes alive to put on a spectacular show.  I can’t count the number of times we drove out mile after mile to go see the wild flowers in the desert.

I sketched this flower through the window such a long time ago.   With wild flowers in my mind, I couldn’t help but finally finish the flower quilt pattern so I could stitch the block.  To me, it almost feels like a painting.


I love purple flowers, it’s no surprise that I chose a purple flower for my block.


Coast Purple Larkspur Flower | Whims And Fancies


Purple Larkspur is my most favourite wild flower, I think it looks like a little pixie hat!


Stanage Edge Derbyshire England | Whims And Fancies


The colour made me think of Regency purple.  I love Jane Austen.  I am currently reading a book that is set in the Regency Era.  As I was also in Derbyshire not too long ago, standing on the rocks of Stanage Edge, my mind easily drifted toward the scene of Ms. Elizabeth Bennet standing there in the film version.   Hence, the name A Flower For Jane Austen was born.


My Maine Coon Cat In A Box | Whims and Fancies


My kitties need a few more quilts.  I am definitely going to use this pattern to make a new quilt for them.  I found this old picture of my enormous Maine Coon cat who has now given up his tiny boxes in favour of quilts.


Greek Letter Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies

Pattern on Craftsy and Etsy


Before I continue though, I really need to make a couple of pillow covers.  A couple of years ago I worked on this Greek Alphabet quilt.


Greek letters alpha beta quilt patterns | Whims And Fancies

Patterns on Craftsy


After finishing the first two letters, I changed the quilt layout which required me to order more fabric.  In the meantime however, the dye lot of the fabric had changed.  I had to therefore redo the two initial blocks, which meant I ended up with extra blocks.  I finished making the quilt a long time ago, while the extra blocks got stowed away in the cabinet.  I don’t like having too many WIPs, so my goal for this month is to turn them into pillows.  Now that they are on my sewing table, I am really excited to get started. 


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A Flower For Jane Austen - Pride And Prejudice Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Once I finish the pillows I am sure to come back to this block again.  Lovely Kim was showing off her gorgeous hydrangeas and yellow roses together in a vase.  I might have mentioned to her once…twice…many times how much I love them together.  When I opened my design file, guess what I found in there – the same colours together!


A Flower For Jane Austen - Pride And Prejudice Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

A Flower For Jane Austen pattern on Etsy and Craftsy


Before I start on the kitty quilt, I may just have to make myself a mini wall hanging from this pattern.  What do you think of circular quilting? 

It is such an easy and fun 12″ block to sew.  A Flower For Jane Austen pattern is now on my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Enjoy some flowers this weekend if you have the time!


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