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Happy Birthday America

My grandmother grew up in a time and a place when women’s education was not valued.  While her two brothers went on to become headmasters, she didn’t get to finish her education.  When she got married, my grandfather provided her all the books she wanted to read to quench her insatiable thirst for knowledge.  She learned the value of equality and humanity from those books.  In a culture steeped in segregation, she opened her home to everyone.

Unlike my grandmother, I am lucky to live in a country where I can receive education, express my opinion freely, read banned books and write without fear of censorship.  I dearly love my country for all that and more.  My FREADOM quilt is made to honor the books that continue to free my mind and in red, white and blue for a country that makes it possible.


Freedom Quilt Pattern , mini made by Susie from Susie's Sunroom| Whims And FanciesI asked my wonderful friend Susie from Susie’s Sunroom if she would be willing to make a mini for this blog post.   She was so enthusiastic about it that I had photos of her finished mini in my mailbox within a couple of days.  Susie has impeccable colour choices, so I knew I would love the colours she would use.  I really fell in love with the photo of her beautiful mini amidst her  books.  It was very hard to pick just one photo for this post.  Make sure to visit her blog to see more.


The FREADOM bookshelf quilt pattern makes a 10″ x 16″ quilt block. Both striped and non-striped versions of the R-E-A-D letters are included in the pattern.  It is also a very scrap-happy block.  Other than the background fabric, I used scraps for every bit of this mini.  The pattern is now on my Etsy and Craftsy stores.


4th Of July Fabrics | Whims And Fancies

As a thank you for reading my blog, I am giving away two sets of these Fourth of July fabrics.  Make sure that you are subscribed to my blog and leave a comment.  I will announce the two winners on July 9th.


I will leave you with my next set of index card drawings for the icad project –

ICAD 2015 - Solitude in rain | Whims And Fancies

Solitude in rain, breathing in the smell and quietness

ICAD 2015  - Windmill sentinel against the sunset sky| Whims And Fancies

Windmill sentinel against the sunset sky

ICAD 2015 - Vintage Porsche | Whims And Fancies

Always have had a weakness for vintage Porsches

ICAD 2015 - California Poppies | Whims And Fancies

California Poppies – lovely flowers of my state

ICAD 2015 - Corn Lilies | Whims And Fancies

Corn Lilies – I always stop at the site of corn lilies on hiking trails

ICAD 2015 - Supernova Tardis| Whims And Fancies

The colours started taking their own forms

ICAD 2015 - Grey dapple foal | Whims And Fancies

A grey dapple foal, free and beautiful like moonlight

There you have it!  They are taking up every last scrap of my time, but I am letting myself get lost in these mini index card paintings.

Have a fabulous weekend!


A Snowballing Project

Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland, Pen drawing | Whims And Fancies

This is a prime example of a project that would never end.  It snowballed and continuously transformed into the next project.  I had taken a passing photo of a stone bridge in Mull while travelling in Scotland.  Although I quite often take photos with the intention of drawing them at a later date, this was not one of those photos.  I simply took it because I love old stone bridges.


Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland, Watercolour Painting | Whims And Fancies

Couple of years later, I found a watercolour painting meet in Los Angeles.  I dug through my pictures and picked out the stone bridge photo to paint from.  This was going to be a rough watercolour sketch, nothing special!


Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland, Pen drawing | Whims And Fancies

Before I worked on the watercolour sketch, I decided to make a black and white value drawing.  So one night I roughly sketched this small 3.5″ x 5″ piece.  As I was using it as a reference for my watercolour sketch, my husband saw this, a few people at the meet saw this, and everyone asked me repeatedly why I had made it so small.  I was told I should draw it much larger.  They really didn’t get the point that it was a sketch.  Couple of months ago, as I was rummaging through my little scraps for a drawing motif, my husband happened to see it again.  I was promptly reminded that I should draw a larger version of this.  So I finally did!!


North Sea Watercolour Painting | Whims And Fancies

All of this really started with this picture.  This was the first drawing project I worked on while attending the group.  I was playing with painting moving water on this watercolour sketch of the North Sea, from a photo I took in Scotland.  I wanted to paint another picture with water in it, that reminded me of the stone bridge picture that I had wanted to paint.  Thus the snowballing began!!


Stone Bridge, Mull, Scotland, Pen drawing | Whims And Fancies

My husband also insisted that I frame this one.  He even picked out the mat board and the frame with me.  I am ready to move on from the bridge.  It is a bit ironic, isn’t it, Getting stuck on a bridge?!


Swirly Black And White Pencil Case | Whims And Fancies

I recently roped him into drawing as well.  He has his own set of tools now, so I made a little pencil case for him.  He picked out the fabric himself, he said it reminds him of fantasy stories.  The bottom and the top pieces of the zipper were the same size when I started.  I was playing with the serger and I just could not sew a straight seam that day.  So the one side kept on shrinking.  As I was thinking about starting on a new one, I finally got a straight seam at the very last moment.  It is not the original size or the look I was going for, but he really likes it.

Projects sometimes tend to take a life of their own.  What do you do?  Continue on and see where it ends up or call it a day after a certain point?



The Epic Journey Continues

Greek Alphabet Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies


Although I am continuing to draw one index card per day, I am still making time to work on my The Greekness quilt.  It is of course not as extensive as Homer’s epic tales of the journey of Odysseus or the war of Iliad, but this Greek alphabet quilt does remind me of the them as I continue to work on it.  As before, I am still making two letters per sewing session, and they are still very easily doable since I am working with only two colours.


Greek Letters Iota, Kappa, Lambda Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies

iota, kappa, lambda

Greek Letters Mu, Nu, Xi Quilt Letters | Whims And Fancies

 mu, nu, xi

I think xi is probably the hardest one so far.  However, I minimized the seam alignments on the pattern, so I was still able to finish it with surprising ease.  I am also more than halfway through the letters – 14 finished, 10 more to make.

All the Greek Letter quilt patterns are individually available on my Craftsy shop. I also have the set available on Craftsy and Etsy.


SLR Camera Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Fields On Camera on Craftsy and Etsy

In the meantime Mary Emmens sent me a picture of this camera she made from my pattern.  It was for a wedding present.  I do love the black and white palette of this pillow.  Hers looks so fabulous, it makes me a little sad that I haven’t made one for myself yet.

I can’t thank you all enough for your wonderful words on my first set of icad drawings, they were so encouraging!  I look forward to sharing more with you.

Until next time,


LOTS Of Paintings And Sidewalk Cafes

ICAD 2015 - Element Picker | Whims And Fancies

Day 7 – Periodic Table

Derivative of Colour Picker – An Element Picker

Last year I got to know about icad – Index Card A Day – at Daisy Yellow, but it was toward the very end of the event.  So I decided to not bother joining it at the last moment.  This year, however, I was ready to jump start my drawing, which I had been missing very dearly.  Since the 1st of June I made a commitment to draw one index card per day.  This set is from my first week.


ICAD 2015 - Taxi | Whims And Fancies

Day 6 – Taxi

They need to go home too!

ICAD 2015 - Owl | Whims And Fancies

Day 5 – Owl

Want to play in the rain with me?

ICAD 2015 - Mailbox | Whims And Fancies

Day – 4 Mailbox

From the Edwardian Era, for one of my favourite authors, P. G. Wodehouse

ICAD 2015 - Map | Whims And Fancies

Day 3 – Map

Milky Way, in case you were going that way

ICAD 2015 - Carnival | Whims And Fancies

Day 2 – Carnival

The book Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury has haunted my dreams for a very long time, but no more.

ICAD 2015 - Chevron | Whims And Fancies

Day 1 – Chevron

I love to swim in the summer; sunlight reflecting off water is one my favourite sights.

The event runs until July 31st, that makes a total of 61 cards.  You can find out more about it at the Daisy Yellow website in case you are inclined to join in.  It should be a lot of fun for kids too.  I am really loving it so far and I am very happy with my progress.  I hope you enjoyed the little show and tell.  I will share more cards as I draw along.

Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for travel or coffee and tea lover | Whims And Fancies

I have one little sewing note to mention.  Since I love coffee and tea so much, cafe stops are a must for me while travelling.  Those are also the best places to try out local food and watch life happening around me.  That thought initiated the Sidewalk Cafe quilt pattern.  I made mine with British Motor Racing colours and used the address of my all-time favourite fictional detective as the name of the cafe.  Sidewalk Cafe is now on my Etsy and Craftsy stores.

Sidewalk Cafe Quilt Pattern for traveller or cafe and tea lover | Whims And Fancies

I had fun making these alternate versions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make a cafe quilt block each for different places and make a table runner or a wall hanging?  I wish I had more time to create, don’t you?!!

Happy Crafting,

A Little Swap

Star Quilt Pattern Cross Body Bag | Whims And Fancies

As someone who loves to continuously create new things, I almost never get to remake a block that I have designed.  Even though I would love to make a few of them using different colours, I mostly move on to drawing new designs and making the new blocks instead.  That holds especially true for the star quilt patterns.  However, I recently got a chance to remake one.

When I made the coffee-themed cross-body bag earlier this year, Dixie really liked it.  She is a fantastic painter.  So I emailed her asking if she would swap a seascape painting for a bag.  She loves the colour blue.  I picked one of my favourite star patterns, Starlight Converging, and remade it in blue for her bag.  I added a starfish charm to the zipper since she loves the water so much.


Zippered Pencil Case | Whims And Fancies

I also made a pencil case for her.  I just had to pick up this sea horse charm for her, along with the starfish charm for the bag.


Seascape by Dixie from Arranged Words | Whims And Fancies

This is the painting Dixie made for me!  There are so many details in this painting, the photo just does not do it justice.  It really looks like I am viewing this little seascape under water.


Seascape painting by Dixie from Arragned Words | Whims And Fancies

Here’s a close up of the fish.  See the individual scales?!!  She added such beautiful details to every single piece of this painting.  I can’t wait to frame it tomorrow.

Dixie writes a lovely blog at Arranged Words where she shares photos, paintings and crafts.  I am so glad to have found a friend in her.