Supermassive Black Hole

Music Quilt - Guitar, Drums, Microphone Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies

Music has played a major role in my life since I was a teenager.  Quite often it provides the escape, the focus and the peace of mind that can’t be found elsewhere.  I listen to and play both classical and modern music and I love them both.  After I made the classical Piano Trio music quilt, I just had to make a rock music quilt.  I made the instruments a while back but was waiting for the complementing quilting design to come to me.

I love Muse.  A week doesn’t go by where I don’t listen to a song by them.  I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this design sooner, even though the song Supermassive Black Hole has been blaring in my ears regularly.  Add that idea to my love of cosmology, and I couldn’t move away from the picture of a supermassive black hole with jets escaping from the middle quilted on my rock music piece.  I was giddy with excitement!


Using tracing paper for quilting | Whims And Fancies

This is how I quilt quite often.  Instead of transferring the design onto the quilt, I use sheets of tracing paper and quilt on them directly.  I draw the design on the computer and print it out on tracing paper.  I trim the sheets of tracing paper to 8″ x 11″ so I can feed them into my printer.  Since the design is printed in segments on each sheet,  I use tape to join the sheets to each other.

If I decide to draw the design by hand, then I tape the sheets to each other before drawing the design.  Finally, I baste the quilt along with the design paper on top.  I then quilt over the design lines.  Once I finish quilting, I tear the paper off.  I haven’t tried this process on a large quilt yet, but it works really well on mini quilts.


Piano Trio Music Quilt - Piano Violin Cello Quilt Pattern | Whims and Fancies

Patterns on Craftsy and Etsy

I used a very woody, low-volume setting for the Piano Trio.  I quilted a design based on an evenly-spaced, spiraling music stave.  This gives it a calm and harmonious feel, very much the way I see classical music.


Music Quilt - Guitar, Drums, Microphone Quilt Patterns | Whims And Fancies

Patterns on Craftsy and Etsy

I used spirals for the rock music quilt too, but they are a lot more chaotic.  I also used bright yellow and red thread to quilt it whereas I used low-tone ecru and brown on the Piano Trio.  This little quilt has very different kind of dynamics.  It’s colourful and moody.

I could never choose between classical and rock music.  I love them both and they each touch my soul in different ways.  That’s how I suppose they are reflected in these two music quilts.


Budding WIP-s

Greek Letters Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

I have been happily and steadily working away on my beloved The Greekness quilt – a quilt made up of all 24 Greek letters.  They are growing faster than I expected, which is a wonderful feeling.  Since the quilt patterns for these Greek letters were already written a couple of years ago, all I am having to do now is just sew the blocks.  I have been finishing two blocks together in one sitting.  Working with only two colours helps a lot too.  Less colour switching equals less mistakes.

Greek Letters Gamma, Delta, Epsilon Quilt Pattern

 Gamma, Delta, Eplison


Greek Letters Zeta, Eta, Theta Quilt Pattern

 Zeta, Eta, Theta

Only Zeta was a little harder than the rest in this bunch of six letters.  The rest was quite easy.  All the Greek Letter quilt patterns are individually available on my Craftsy shop.  I also have the set available on Craftsy and Etsy.

Live Long And Prosper YarnNow that I have finished this set of six Greek letters, I started knitting a new sweater for my husband with this gorgeous bronze and brown variegated yarn on the left.  I learned short row for this one, another skill in my toolbox.  With all these shades of brown, a splash of colour was needed for balance.  I didn’t knit at the time when Lorna’s Laces originally came out with the Live Long And Prosper yarn for the first time.  They recently remade a limited batch of this yarn with the sad passing away of Mr. Leonard Nimoy.  I received my pre-ordered yarn this week and can’t wait to start making a pair of mitts with this one.

Happy WIP-ing,

Happy Finishes

Jane Richmond Oatmeal Raglan Pullover | Whims And Fancies

I bought this yellow yarn to make a pair of mittens, but I fell in love with the colour so much that I got a few more skeins to make a sweater for myself.  Since the pattern is written for a negative-ease fit and I like to wear layered clothing, I made it a little larger than the suggested size and added a few extra stitches to the underarm area.  Once I got over figuring out the sizing, it was a very quick knit with this chunky yarn.  I am in love with seamless sweater patterns, by the way.  It’s so nice not to have to join all the pieces afterwards.

My only complaint was that the neck ended up a little too wide for me.  So I crocheted two rounds of single crochet to fix it.  That also gave the neck band nice stability.  Any advice you may have to make the neck a little smaller would be much appreciated, perhaps a smaller set of needles?

Although it fits me very well, I am still a little self-concious when I wear it because it’s the first sweater I have ever made for myself.  It’s so comfortable that I am sure I will get over that soon enough.  The Oatmeal sweater pattern by Jane Richmond is available on Ravelry.  It’s really a very well-written pattern.

Apart from knitting I am also working on a custom pattern and a couple of new quilts.  However, I thought that instead of showing you my WIPs today, I would share a few finishes made by others using my patterns.


Camera Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Fields On Camera on Craftsy and Etsy

This camera pillow was made by Lyndsey using the Fields On Camera pattern.  She has only been sewing for a year.  I was really amazed by her workmanship.  I think it looks fantastic!!


Morning Star Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Morning Star on Craftsy and Etsy

Very recently, Kathleen has become a grandmother.  She made this sweet baby quilt from the Morning star pattern.  So much love went into making this quilt to welcome the new baby.  Such a happy finish!!

Until next time,


Two Of My Favourite Ladies

Doctor Who Rose Tyler Doomsday Mitts

There are too many women from the stories that I love to list here.  This one is for Ms. Rose Tyler.  The tenth Doctor and Rose had such a sad ending.  I don’t watch it too often since it leaves me in a daze every time I watch it.

I wanted to make these mitts ever since the very first time I saw the episode.  The extent of my knowledge of knitting back then was basic cast on, cast off, purl and knit.  Since then I have learned how to make fingerless mitts, and from there I jumped straight into cable.  I am happy to say that once I started knitting the second mitt, I was already able to knit without looking at the pattern file anymore.  I love this pair of gloves so much!  I added an extra diamond to cover my palm a little better.  They not only keep my hands warm, they also make me feel warm and comfortable in a very nostalgic way.  This pattern by Christina Slattery can be found on Ravelry.


Pride And Prejudice Embroidery Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Pride And Prejudice – Fools In Love on Craftsy and Etsy

It always seems that happy and sad endings walk along side by side.  Unlike Rose and the Doctor, Ms. Elizabeth Bennet did get her wonderful happily ever after.  I love her character so much that I found myself needing to draw this Pride and Prejudice embroidery pattern.


Pride And Prejudice Embroidery Pattern | Whims And Fancies I used wash-off stabilizer for the first time on this piece.  It leaves a tiny bit of starchiness after washing, which gives the whole piece a wonderful finish.  I used DMC perle 8 for the first time too, a navy thread.  I used three different stitches for varying thickness: chain stitch, stem stitch and back stitch, with chain stitch being one of my favourites.  I really love how it turned out.  At the moment I am not exactly sure what I will do with this block.  I may come up with a few more designs to make a small Pride And Prejudice quilt.


Pink Flowers | Whims And Fancies

My ageless cactus plant blooms only once a year.  Just for a couple of days all the flowers burst open together like a fireworks finale.  Every year the display is more spectacular than the year before.  The flowers are very much like these ladies I love so much, rare and beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,


The Greekness

Greek Letters Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

To Hellenikon or Greekness – Herodotus used this to describe the shared sense of identity among ancient Greeks.  You can’t look at the history of every principle of study and not appreciate the enormity of the Greek civilization.  This Greekness is still very pervasive in a lot of the literature I read, studies I do.

It was only natural that I would want to make a quilt with all the Greek letters.  I drew all 24 of the Greek letter quilt patterns a couple of years ago, but didn’t get to sew them until now.  This is one of my current large projects.


Greek Alphabet Quilt Pattern | Whims And Fancies

Greek letters pattern on Craftsy

These letters are 5″ x 10″.  Right after I finished the first two letters, I decided to forgo the sashing.  Instead, I wanted to add the same background fabric on each side of the blocks and make them 10″ x 10″.  There was one problem, a big one.  I only had enough background fabric to make the letters.  I bought more, but they are not of the same dye lot.  The only thing left to do was to remake the blocks.  So, I have two sets of alpha and beta.  I think I will make matching pillows with the extra blocks.


Cat In A Box | Whims And Fancies

Thinking about the size of the Greek civilization reminded me of this photo of my ginormous Maine Coon kitty who likes to stuff himself in the smallest box he can put himself in.


My Orange Maine Coon Boy | Whims And Fancies

In contrast, this is his full size, mostly stretched out.  I am sure those of you with cats know exactly what I am talking about.

I will leave you with that!


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