Fabric Basket With Fair Isle Star Quilt Pattern

I love Fair Isle knitting, but my knitting skills are currently not up to par to knit anything as fancy as that.  So earlier this year I made a very quick Fair Isle star quilt pattern and made a block with that very shortly after.  I wanted to make a fabric basket with it, but unfortunately it sat among a pile of orphan blocks until very recently.

Making a fabric basket with a paper piecing block entails working with four individual side pieces that join to the bottom base piece with corners.  I don’t like guesswork, so I was determined to find a formula for creating good, perfect corners every time.  In the hope that someone else might find the method helpful as well, I wrote up this tutorial.  This is more of a tutorial for sewing perfect corners than a tutorial for a fabric basket.  I can definitely see using this method for sewing the pieces of a bag together.

My fabric basket is made with a 10″ square paper pieced block.  You can of course mix and match the outer fabrics for the other three sides or even patchwork the sides.

Note -  This tutorial uses the example of making a 10″ fabric basket with 0.25″ seam allowance.

Material For The Fabric Basket -

1 x 10.5″ square paper pieced block
4 x 10.5″ squares of outer fabric – for the other three sides and the bottom
5 x 10.5″ squares interfacing
5 x 10.5″ squares of lining fabric
Fabric Marker of your choice

Prep-work -

Cut the corners of the interfacing pieces and iron them onto the back of the outer pieces.


Sewing the lining -

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 1 -

First we are going to sew the two side pieces to the bottom piece.  Start sewing 1/4″ from the top and finish with 1/4″ to spare at the bottom.  I used 1/4″ on both sides because that’s my seam allowance.  I would probably use 3/8″ seam allowance for sewing bags, so I would start and end the seam 3/8″ from the top and the bottom.   So match the measurement with your seam allowance.

I marked the start and end points of my piece with red lines in the photo.  If you need to, you can use a fabric marker to mark the start and end points before you start sewing. After you finish sewing, iron your pieces.  You will have three consecutive stitched pieces.  The middle piece is your bottom piece.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Check Point - I pinned the piece back in this photo to show you how I started stitching  the pieces together 1/4″ from the top and ended 1/4″ from the bottom.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 2 -

Now let’s join the back piece to the bottom piece (the one in the middle).  Note the seam line between the bottom(middle) piece and the side piece.  We are going to use that seam line as a guide.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Place the side piece on top of the bottom(middle) piece, lining up the top and the corner, right sides facing together.  Now feel the seam line from the previous photo and draw a small line right behind the seam using a fabric marker.  That’s your start point.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 3 -

Fold the side piece down and pin it out of the way.  That’s the left side prepared.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 4 -

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the right side – feel the seam between the bottom(middle) piece and the side piece, draw a small line right behind the seam using a fabric marker and pin the side piece back out of the way.  Those are our start and end marks for sewing the bottom and the back piece together.  Stitch those two pieces together starting at the top mark and ending at the bottom one.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 5 -

Repeat steps 2 – 4 to join the front side.  Iron them flat.  Now you have all four sides sewn to the bottom(middle) piece with open corners.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Check Point - This is what the corners should look like.  All the sides should be stitched to each other with 1/4″ opening at the corners.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Step 6 -

Now we are going to start sewing the sides to each other, starting from the bottom corner and sewing toward the top.

Line the corners of two sides together at the bottom, moving and pinning the bottom(middle) piece out of the way.  You can see how I moved the bottom(middle) piece out of the way at the top corner.  Make a small line with the fabric marker on the top piece perpendicular to the stitching line of your bottom and side pieces.  You can see that in the picture here.  I made that mark so that I know not to  stitch behind the start point of that stitching line.  You want to sew your seam to the immediate right of that line, and take care not to cross it.  That creates a really perfect corner.  So once you have that marked, make sure the bottom piece is out of the way and stitch the two side pieces together all the way to the top opening.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Check Point - This is what the corner should look like once you line the two side pieces together, moving and pinning the bottom piece out of the way.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Here’s your perfect corner!  Repeat this step for the other three sides of the lining.

Sewing The Basket -

Repeat steps 1-6 to make the outside of the basket.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Sewing The Pieces Together -

Now put the lining inside the basket with the right sides facing each other.  You will see the wrong sides of both pieces.  Line up the corners of the two pieces and then start with pinning the corners together.  Then pin rest of the top together.  Sew all the way around leaving a 4″ gap.  Turn the pieces inside out through the gap.  Put the lining back inside the basket and iron along the top seam.  Then run a 1/8″ stop stitch all around the top, that will close the gap as well.

Fabric Basket With Fair Isle Quilt Pattern

Here is my finished fabric basket which is already filled with yarn.  I had always wanted to make a fabric basket using one of my paper piecing blocks.  Now that I have formulated a method for sewing corners, I am pretty sure I will be making more!  I hope you found this tutorial helpful!



Scarf From Sock Of Kindness Knitting Pattern

I find knitting scarfs to be the perfect way to learn new techniques for a novice knitter like me.  Since the knitting pattern uses exclusively SSK and K2TOG,  I have mastered them with this scarf.  I even learned how to figure out the stitching order of the next row based on what the stitches looked like in the previous row.  You can’t believe how excited I got when I figured that out!!  I was making a lot of mistakes before then, but after that it became super easy to knit this scarf with the help of a few stitch markers.

Scarf From Sock Of Kindness Knitting Pattern

During my search for a generally easy pattern, I came across the Sock of Kindness pattern on Flickr.  I fell in love with the pattern and I thought this yarn would complement it very well.  It’s a sock weight yarn I got last year during our visit to Bergen, Norway (it’s a beautiful city, by the way).   I love the transition of the warm and cool colours along with the simple addition of the design in the scarf.  I used 4.00mm (US 6) knitting needles and 40 stitches to make this scarf.  Now I am on the hunt for my next knitting project; I love keeping my hands busy!

Knitting Basket With Fair Isle Star Quilt Pattern

Craftsy and Etsy

Recently I also sorted a bunch of my orphan quilt blocks and the fair isle star was among them.  I always wanted to make a fabric basket using one of my paper piecing blocks.  Since the day I made the fair isle star quilt pattern, I knew that’s the block I wanted to use for a fabric basket to store some of my knitting supplies.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  I love it so much!  I also learned how to make perfect corners with this project.  I am writing up a tutorial on that which I am hoping to share with you next week.

I also have the giveaway winners from college days blog hop – Mary, Kathleen, and Makatrin.  Congratulations!  I will contact you soon, so we can mail you the prizes!!

Until next time,

Vintage Microphone Quilt Pattern

I have the final piece done for my Rock Music mini quilt.  The lyrics of a song are very important to me.  Now matter how great the accompanying music is, I really can’t listen to a song if the lyrics don’t measure up.  Words have such power, they can really excite you and get you all fired up or make you extremely sad.  Set them to music and they really touch your heart.  I find myself humming at the oddest of times.  So I made a Vintage Microphone quilt pattern as an ode to the talented song writers and singers.  Do you have a favourite song?

The biggest challenge in drawing this pattern was adhering to the rounded shape of the microphone without making it too complicated.   The four sets of grills are made with exactly four sections and they are very straight forward to sew.   However, because of the number of bars on the grill,  each section has quite a few pieces to sew.  Other than that, it comes together pretty quickly.  The pattern can be found on my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Guitar Quilt Pattern
Guitar Solo
Vintage Microphone Quilt Pattern
Vintage Microphone
Drums Quilt Pattern
Drum Beats

I finally have all three blocks that I am going to use for my Rock Music mini quilt.  I am excited to put this together.

Pictures With Paper Piecing Facebook Group

Pictures With Paper Piecing Facebook Quilting Group

I really love creating pictures with paper piecing, I treat paper piecing as a form of drawing with fabric.  Actually this is how I got into quilting.  I also love writing about how I come about my ideas for each piece I create.  Both paper piecing and writing got me to meet and make new friends.  I would love to extend that and create a space for everyone to share same love I feel about paper piecing.  So I created a Facebook group called Pictures With Paper Piecing.  I would love for you to join me there.

Happy Sewing!


College Days Blog Hop With Quilt Patterns

This brings the College Days Blog Hop to a close.   It was a lot of fun to see the variety of detailed blocks each designer created, inspired by their personal history.  I can’t thank them enough for such a creative and smooth blog hop this time.


A very special thanks to all of you for leaving lovely comments.  I know it brought back some wonderful memories for a lot of you.  As a thank you, I have a few giveaways. I know summer is busy for all of us, so I will make it very easy.  There are a total of three giveaways:

Make sure you subscribe to this blog and leave a comment at the end of this post.  I will pick two of you for two of the giveaways.

To be eligible for the third prize, post a picture of anything you made from this blog hop on the Flickr group below.

Since this post is picture-heavy already, I am not posting the photos of the giveaways here anymore.  All of them are a combination of charm-packs and pattern sets.  The Flickr group also contains details of the prizes.

I will pick the winners Thursday, August 14th.

Events At Whims And Fancies Flickr Group

Lets look at the showcase of these beautiful college-themed quilt patterns.  These blocks really make college look like a place for fun experience!  Each picture is a link to the blog post where the pattern file can be downloaded from.  Enjoy!

Books Reading Quilt Pattern Paintbox Quilt Pattern
College Graduation Quilt Pattern Rugby Player Quilt Pattern
College 101 Quilt Pattern ALC Quilt Pattern
Tea Coffee Caffeine Chemistry Quilt Pattern
Stethoscope Medicine Quilt Pattern Reading Quilt Pattern
Water Cooler & Megaphone Game Day Quilt Pattern Graduation Owl and Tassel Quilt Pattern
Graduation College Pattern Reading Lamp Quilt Pattern
Solo Cup Quilt Pattern Music Quilt Pattern
Microscope Quilt Pattern Go Team Quilt Pattern
Backpack Quilt Pattern 50 Yard Line Football Quilt Pattern
Chemistry - Test tubes Science Quilt Pattern

Sponsors for this blog hop

I love promoting my fellow designers. Some of them have been very gracious with their contributions, making it possible for me to give away some really nice packages.  I can’t thank them enough. Please make sure to visit their shops for more wonderful quilting patterns and supplies -

Meadow Mist DesignsCountry Crossroads Quilt Shop

Quilt Art DesignsRight Patterns

Good Luck with the giveaway and Happy Sewing!

Chemistry Quilt Pattern

Thanks to my designer friends, this blog hop went so smoothly that I have a bonus block for you today.  When I saw this block by Lilja, I thought she must have somehow read my mind.  Lilja’s Chemistry quilt pattern is exactly what I had planned on making one day.  This is a must-have for anyone with an affinity for science!

With this block, we wrap up the College Days Blog Hop.  I will take a break from blog writing over the weekend because I will be painting one of the rooms.  So look for a wrap-up post on Tuesday where I will showcase all the patterns from this blog hop.  I will also tell you on that post how you can be eligible to win one of the three giveaways.  I hope you have been sewing *hint hint*!


I love promoting my fellow designers. Some of them have been very gracious with their contributions, making it possible for me to give away some really nice packages.

Make sure to visit and upload your finished blocks to the Flickr Group listed below.

The group also contains details of what’s in each of the giveaways:

Events At Whims And Fancies Flickr Group


Sponsors for this blog hop

Sponsors made the very generous giveaways possible and I can’t thank them enough. Please make sure to visit their shops for more wonderful quilting patterns and supplies -

Meadow Mist DesignsCountry Crossroads Quilt Shop

Quilt Art DesignsRight Patterns


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